Chesh (cheshcan) wrote in sconeborough,

New colorbar!

Because the old one was... old.

If you're not on it yet, it's because I need a picture of you that won't make you cry. If you want me to change your picture, I can do that (if you supply a picture). I can move you, too, if the color I have you on is bad for your chi. If you don't want to be on it at all, that is also cool with me, but Jess might kick your ass.

Two rules:
1. Any body part but feet, dammit. I think the whole world would most definitely prefer to see your face instead of your elbow, though. And it's going to drive me insane if it goes chesh, jess, smeg, dessy's kneecap, sarah's ass, choco's earlobe, silver, nicky.
2. No sad smilies in your comment here. It's a colorbar, not the holocaust.

All the pictures I have of smeg are really low contrast for some reason, so she always ends up really jaundiced. Maybe it's someone else's turn to be yellow?
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