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cherry popping

thisisbuddhacide: hahah I still need to compile my fifty things to do before I'm dead list.
thisisbuddhacide: I'll work on that sometime soon.
Fruit Pirate: what's on it so far?
thisisbuddhacide: Travel, make a film, write a novel, and have a baby.
thisisbuddhacide: hahaha, I don't know about that last one anymore.
Fruit Pirate: i like that list
thisisbuddhacide: Thank you! What's on yours?
Fruit Pirate: i've never formally written one
thisisbuddhacide: ah, okay...well let me know when you do! I'm interested.
Fruit Pirate: go to scotland, own an octopus, write a book, build a robot
thisisbuddhacide: hahaha, in spite of the robot, that's a great list.
Cheshworth: that's kind of cute.
Cheshworth: dessy wants to make a baby. Smeg wants to build one!
thisisbuddhacide: hahahahaha
Fruit Pirate: smeg isn't hot enough to make a baby
Cheshworth: That's not true!
Fruit Pirate: my children will be metal
thisisbuddhacide: YOU'RE HOT SMEG.
thisisbuddhacide: YOU'LL ALWAYS BE HOT.
thisisbuddhacide: CAPS LOCK.
thisisbuddhacide: IT NEVER LIES.
Cheshworth: you and dessy can make a beautiful mocha baby.
thisisbuddhacide: hahahahahahhahaha
pwy ydw i: oh
Cheshworth: good morning!
pwy ydw i: I forgot I was here :o
thisisbuddhacide: Hi!!
Fruit Pirate: will you guys make up your mind on this? NUNNERY FOR SMEG. WAIT, BABIES FOR SMEG!
Cheshworth: Well, you COULD make babies!
Cheshworth: Physically you are completely hot and baby-ready!
Cheshworth: But you're not ALLOWED to.
thisisbuddhacide: I never said you should be a nun.
Cheshworth: unless it's with dessy.
Fruit Pirate: you can't have your cherry and pop it too
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