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he'll save children, but not the british children!

skylinehighrise: 1. Wounded Knee Massacre: 2. Battle of Little Big Horn: 3. Custer's Last Stand: 4. Lewis & Clark Expedition:
skylinehighrise: random ass eventsssss i'm supposed to add 'a paragraph after each one discussing the ideas such as the importance of the historical event to a tribe or author read in our class'
Fruit Pirate: "In the 19th century washington washington six foot eight weighed a fucking ton. We all live in a yellow submarine. Native americans."
skylinehighrise: Custer's Last Stand was a stand, and it was the last one custer ever did. I heard that motherfucker had like, thirty fucking dicks.
Fruit Pirate: "I am the eggman, I am the eggman. I am the walrus. From 1882 to 1937 come on eileen."
Cheshworth: 1. Wounded Knee Massacre: Indians died here. This affected tribes because they were all killed. It was a bad thing for the natives.
Cheshworth: 2. Battle of Little Big Horn: Indians died here. This affected tribes because they were all killed. It was a bad thing for the natives.
Cheshworth: And so fucking on.
Cheshworth: American history is all the same, come on.
Fruit Pirate: 1875: Chief Large Wang dies to death.
Cheshworth: Custer's Last Stand: White guys totally died here. Didn't see that coming, did you? Unfortunately the ones left were like "You motherfuckers killed custer!" and sent over smallpox blankets and poorly made pies.
Cheshworth: 4. Lewis and Clark Expedition: Clark totally took Lewis like, flying. In 1980! The special effects were advanced. Their expedition was cut short when Lex Luthor threw Clark in a pool.
Fruit Pirate: "Chief Big Spirit, played by Jimmy Carter, was accidently set on fire when they tried to make him glow using 1890 technology."
Fruit Pirate: "Eli Whitney invented the goddamn cotton gin. The End."

Also: this bitch is creepin' me out every time I wiki 'Wounded Knee massacre:'

Miniconjou Chief Big Foot lies dead in the snow.

YouTube: George Washington! (he's coming! he's coming!)

Tags: custer had a stand and it was his last, dead big foot, george washington, hilarity, indians
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