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Welcome To Sunny Sconeborough!

Where All That Is Pastry Is Loved.

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This is Sconeborough, a fictitious little town just off Intertube 75. We specialize in baked goods, double entendres and being rather fey!
*gwarr*, 6-degrees-of brian eno, agnosticism, alphonse mucha, androgyny, anime, anthony burgess, artistical endeavours, astronomy, atheism, atlanta, ballsy mctesticles, bananimal nitrate, band names, being afraid of driving, bettas, bill watterson, blankets, boobs, bosie-isn't-queer-he's-a-doll!!!, buttsexxxx tee hee, cartoons, cat-cat-cat-cat-cat, catbone!, cats, celibacy curse, chaincock vrrr, chat death, cheating at online games, chesh-likes-boys-in-a-dirty-way, choco's-the-one-true-nikki, chocolate, chris corner, cleaning, computers, crayons, daddy-drinks-because-you-cry, david bowie, depeche mode, doctor who, drawing, education of little tree, emo tear ='(, epilepsies in wool, equality, everyone's what, extending our cephalopods, failboat, flamingos, flowers, frequently homosexual innuendo, gardening, gavin friday, ghey, ghost hunting, giant squid, glam rock, good omens, health, isaac asimov, jeeves and wooster, jess-was-also-an-abomination, johnny depp, jolly old england, knitting, kylie minogue, languages, leonardo da vinci, literati, lmfao.org.uk, lol srsly?!, london, lusting after each other, makeup, making jewelry, manic street preachers, mansun, menswe@r, miniature dachshunds, montreal, movies, needlessly apologizing, neil gaiman, never going outside, nicky's-broken-emo-heart, nine inch nails, not getting the memo, omaha, pastries, perpetual philosophising, photography, pizza, placebo, plants, predicting a riot, pretending to play guitar, procrastination, queerity, radiohead, rainbows, regular breast massages, rembrandt, renegade chic, robots, rocky horror picture show, salman rushdie, sam brown, same-sex marriage, sandman, sarah-sank-the-titanic, savage garden, science, scones, sewing, sexuality, shakira, sleeping, smashing pumpkins, smeg's-lumpy-cream-of-wheat, snail mail, socks, sorry!, suede, t. rex, taking walls elsewhere, talking-about-bernard-butler-a-whole-fucking-lot, tea, the 20s, the 70s, the 80s, the 90s, the cure, thirsting for beads, tmi discussions, torchwood's spacewhale (waugh), tori amos (sort of), trivial pursuit, u2, union jacks, useless shit, veer-still-isn't-a-lesbian, velvet goldmine, video games, voting, weepingwater-weepingwater-weepingwater, whiny o'lostmypants, why-we-are-the-way-we-are, wif teef =b, x-files