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Obviously since I'm going to be there FOR FUCKING EVER you have no excuse for scheduling your visit for any time I won't be around. UNLESS YOU DON'T WANT TO SEE ME. Haters.

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maybe what we need to do is set sconeborough up as a franchise. we could be the new conglomerate to rival.... mc donalds and nike! all we need is a few thousand workers from a needy third world country and a few more ideas and we will be sorted! that or we can just assist with filling the internet with things it never knew it needed.

oh lord im bored. can you tell?
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jump the shark

So I was chilling with Zelharts yesterday, and The Flinstones came up.
Me: "Remember that green little Martian or whatever that would talk to Fred?"
Smeg and Mama Zelhart: *blank stares*
I'm sure the rest of you guys remember, but for the sake of posting here and clearing my good name, proof that The Great Gazoo existed, courtesy of stealyourself:

This show totally jumped the shark back in the day with this!!!
The Great Gazoo in Wikipedia.
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he'll save children, but not the british children!

skylinehighrise: 1. Wounded Knee Massacre: 2. Battle of Little Big Horn: 3. Custer's Last Stand: 4. Lewis & Clark Expedition:
skylinehighrise: random ass eventsssss i'm supposed to add 'a paragraph after each one discussing the ideas such as the importance of the historical event to a tribe or author read in our class'
Fruit Pirate: "In the 19th century washington washington six foot eight weighed a fucking ton. We all live in a yellow submarine. Native americans."
skylinehighrise: Custer's Last Stand was a stand, and it was the last one custer ever did. I heard that motherfucker had like, thirty fucking dicks.
Fruit Pirate: "I am the eggman, I am the eggman. I am the walrus. From 1882 to 1937 come on eileen."
Cheshworth: 1. Wounded Knee Massacre: Indians died here. This affected tribes because they were all killed. It was a bad thing for the natives.
Cheshworth: 2. Battle of Little Big Horn: Indians died here. This affected tribes because they were all killed. It was a bad thing for the natives.
Cheshworth: And so fucking on.
Cheshworth: American history is all the same, come on.
Fruit Pirate: 1875: Chief Large Wang dies to death.
Cheshworth: Custer's Last Stand: White guys totally died here. Didn't see that coming, did you? Unfortunately the ones left were like "You motherfuckers killed custer!" and sent over smallpox blankets and poorly made pies.
Cheshworth: 4. Lewis and Clark Expedition: Clark totally took Lewis like, flying. In 1980! The special effects were advanced. Their expedition was cut short when Lex Luthor threw Clark in a pool.
Fruit Pirate: "Chief Big Spirit, played by Jimmy Carter, was accidently set on fire when they tried to make him glow using 1890 technology."
Fruit Pirate: "Eli Whitney invented the goddamn cotton gin. The End."

Also: this bitch is creepin' me out every time I wiki 'Wounded Knee massacre:'

Miniconjou Chief Big Foot lies dead in the snow.

YouTube: George Washington! (he's coming! he's coming!)

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more gems from the chat...

Cheshworth: I can't wait for myspace to implode.
sanitysheadache: me neither
Cheshworth: It will. The shelf life for these things is typically short.
Cheshworth: and then no one will ever link me to a fucking myspace band again.
Cheshworth: Eventually it'll be like "EWW you still have a MYSPACE? I'm on Twatnet now. Myspace has totally jumped the shark."

fuck john lennon!

skylinehighrise: smeg, in the car: "This song is a little too "Imagine" at the end for me."
skylinehighrise: jess: "i wouldn't know! I still haven't heard it!" smeg: "I FOUND it! I downloaded it. So haha, you WILL hear it! The curse of John Lennon continues!"
thisisbuddhacide: Hello!
thisisbuddhacide: hahahahaa
Cheshworth: LMAO
Cheshworth: what were you listening to?
skylinehighrise: "sing" by dresden dolls
thisisbuddhacide: Did you know Imagine is The Communist Manifesto?
skylinehighrise: Fruit Pirate: here he coooomes... Fruit Pirate wants to send file C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\My Documents\download\skylinehighrise\John Lennon - Imagine.mp3.
Fruit Pirate: i was talking about it with mom once and we were like "..so everyone is still dying of cancer and shit? screw that!"
Fruit Pirate: because he never says "imagine there's no cancer...ebola, too..."
thisisbuddhacide: hahahahaha
Cheshworth: Imagine how many damn people there would be if there wasn't, man.
Cheshworth: He's already decided that there'll be no reason to kill each other.
thisisbuddhacide: "Imagine all the people eating their vegetablesssss, whoo-hoo!"
Cheshworth: And you want to get rid of those natural causes of death too?
Fruit Pirate: there's also no heaven
skylinehighrise: the piano is mixed kind of badly. you can't hear him that well over it
Cheshworth: But there's no hell, either!
skylinehighrise: he sounds like kitten
Cheshworth: god, he does.
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cherry popping

thisisbuddhacide: hahah I still need to compile my fifty things to do before I'm dead list.
thisisbuddhacide: I'll work on that sometime soon.
Fruit Pirate: what's on it so far?
thisisbuddhacide: Travel, make a film, write a novel, and have a baby.
thisisbuddhacide: hahaha, I don't know about that last one anymore.
Fruit Pirate: i like that list
thisisbuddhacide: Thank you! What's on yours?
Fruit Pirate: i've never formally written one
thisisbuddhacide: ah, okay...well let me know when you do! I'm interested.
Fruit Pirate: go to scotland, own an octopus, write a book, build a robot
thisisbuddhacide: hahaha, in spite of the robot, that's a great list.
Cheshworth: that's kind of cute.
Cheshworth: dessy wants to make a baby. Smeg wants to build one!
thisisbuddhacide: hahahahaha
Fruit Pirate: smeg isn't hot enough to make a baby
Cheshworth: That's not true!
Fruit Pirate: my children will be metal
thisisbuddhacide: YOU'RE HOT SMEG.
thisisbuddhacide: YOU'LL ALWAYS BE HOT.
thisisbuddhacide: CAPS LOCK.
thisisbuddhacide: IT NEVER LIES.
Cheshworth: you and dessy can make a beautiful mocha baby.
thisisbuddhacide: hahahahahahhahaha
pwy ydw i: oh
Cheshworth: good morning!
pwy ydw i: I forgot I was here :o
thisisbuddhacide: Hi!!
Fruit Pirate: will you guys make up your mind on this? NUNNERY FOR SMEG. WAIT, BABIES FOR SMEG!
Cheshworth: Well, you COULD make babies!
Cheshworth: Physically you are completely hot and baby-ready!
Cheshworth: But you're not ALLOWED to.
thisisbuddhacide: I never said you should be a nun.
Cheshworth: unless it's with dessy.
Fruit Pirate: you can't have your cherry and pop it too
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long ago, in a little-known suburb of Lesbos...

skylinehighrise: In a telephone interview with Denis Ferrara for "Out" magazine (US edition, published in the April 2006 issue) Madonna says her daughter asked her about people saying that Madonna is gay because of the event.
skylinehighrise: (the kiss on the mtv award thing in 2003)
skylinehighrise: She said she explained to her daughter: "... it just means I kissed Britney Spears. I am the mommy pop star and she is the baby pop star.
skylinehighrise: And I am kissing her and passing my energy on to her. Like, kind of a mythological fairy tale."
skylinehighrise: oh madonna.
skylinehighrise: the more i reread that the funnier it gets
Cheshworth: ...
Cheshworth: *Dies*
Cheshworth: And look where THAT got her, Madonna.
Fruit Pirate: ..that's a new kind of fairy tale
Fruit Pirate: "long ago, in the great land of Snatchistonia.."

Anyone care to write this fairy tale? :D