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fuck john lennon!

skylinehighrise: smeg, in the car: "This song is a little too "Imagine" at the end for me."
skylinehighrise: jess: "i wouldn't know! I still haven't heard it!" smeg: "I FOUND it! I downloaded it. So haha, you WILL hear it! The curse of John Lennon continues!"
thisisbuddhacide: Hello!
thisisbuddhacide: hahahahaa
Cheshworth: LMAO
Cheshworth: what were you listening to?
skylinehighrise: "sing" by dresden dolls
thisisbuddhacide: Did you know Imagine is The Communist Manifesto?
skylinehighrise: Fruit Pirate: here he coooomes... Fruit Pirate wants to send file C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\My Documents\download\skylinehighrise\John Lennon - Imagine.mp3.
Fruit Pirate: i was talking about it with mom once and we were like "..so everyone is still dying of cancer and shit? screw that!"
Fruit Pirate: because he never says "imagine there's no cancer...ebola, too..."
thisisbuddhacide: hahahahaha
Cheshworth: Imagine how many damn people there would be if there wasn't, man.
Cheshworth: He's already decided that there'll be no reason to kill each other.
thisisbuddhacide: "Imagine all the people eating their vegetablesssss, whoo-hoo!"
Cheshworth: And you want to get rid of those natural causes of death too?
Fruit Pirate: there's also no heaven
skylinehighrise: the piano is mixed kind of badly. you can't hear him that well over it
Cheshworth: But there's no hell, either!
skylinehighrise: he sounds like kitten
Cheshworth: god, he does.
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